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Our Interpreters

When recruiting a potential new interpreter, we look for many qualities that align with our brand and our commitment to high quality performance for our customers. Language interpretation ability, comprehension of medical conditions or specific industry terminology and a professional presentation are just the beginning. Optimal Phone Interpreters seeks out the best talent with the right experience as well as those who are patient and have a positive, professional attitude.

Our interpreters receive ongoing testing, training and credentialing in specialized industries. It is our hiring practice to go beyond minimal industry standards of simply relying on a resume and a written test to evaluate the qualifications of any prospective interpreter. We thoroughly screen, test and scrutinize our interpreters based on their ability to orally interpret in their language pair specialty and only consider applicants with verifiable work history of language interpretation.


Every Optimal interpreter experiences a thorough credentialing process to confirm that they are proficient in concepts vital to successful interpretation. This includes accuracy, completion and confidentiality. They are also reviewed and trained to maintain a high degree of impartiality, professionalism, scope of practice and integrity.

Our interpreters are the front line of the Optimal brand and as such, act as ambassadors to our customers and to every person they assist. We are committed to providing them with a positive, supportive environment and full opportunity for professional development. This includes ongoing training and quality plans that help them achieve their professional and educational goals.

In addition to our Florida-based operations and corporate office, we strategically utilize thousands of interpreters residing in the United States and serve customers with multiple locations in six time zones. All customer calls are handled immediately by qualified interpreters residing in the United States. You will never be passed on to an offshore call center that uses non-US residing interpreters.

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