Medical Translation Services

There is nothing more important than the health of your patients. That’s why Optimal Phone Interpreters offers HIPPA and Joint Commission compliant medical translation services for when it matters most. Our medical translators are heavily trained to fully understand the terminology used in the healthcare industry. 

Our clients depend on precise translations to properly diagnose, treat, and care for their patients. From the nursing homes to emergency rooms, our medical translations and interpreters are available 24/7 by making a simple phone call. With fast connection speeds and reliable service, our clients are able to communicate with foreign language speaking patients without making appointments in just a matter of seconds. We also provide medical document translation services, so that you will always have clear communication with your patients.

We translate for:

•    Doctors
•    Nurses
•    Emergency Rooms
•    Surgeons

And many more

With over 200 languages available for translation, Optimal Phone Interpreters is prepared for nearly any circumstance. All of our medical translators are thoroughly tested for accuracy and knowledge of medical vocabulary. This ensures that you and your company are receiving quality, trustworthy interpreting every time you call OPI. 

If you need medical translation services to better serve your patients, give Optimal Phone Interpreters today at 1-877-746-4674.